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Marcos Rojo and Jesse Lingard out of Manchester United Premier League match Leicester City

Manchester United's Jesse Lingard and Marcos Rojo join the injury list ahead of their Premier League match against Leicester City

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Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

According to the Manchester Evening News, Marcos Rojo and Jesse Lingard are out of the match against Leicester City. Even more depressing than that is the news that United could start with a 3-5-2 formation. Dearie me.

In the Mirror's transfer rumour round-up is a story that United are interested in Lucas Moura again. The amount of transfer failures United have piled up in the last few years is sickening. They do have an exceptional talent for missing out regularly on players they can afford and would be happy to join them. Moura is on the list once, will he be on it twice soon?

In the Mail, United boss Louis van Gaal has backed Wayne Rooney to start scoring regularly for the side. I give up.

And lastly, probably deliberately, Gary Neville has praised Mauricio Pochettino for all the qualities that Van Gaal lacks as a manager, and says he is the kind of manager he'd base his approach on. A cynic would say he is positioning himself to be a candidate when Van Gaal gets the boot in the summer. That's in the Telegraph.