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Pep Guardiola prefers Manchester United job to Manchester City

Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo and Bayern's boss Pep Guardiola are keen on joining forces at Manchester United next season.

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Jasper Juinen/Getty Images

As has been occasionally rumoured, and is now mentioned in the Telegraph amongst other papers, Pep Guardiola would much prefer to managed Manchester United than Manchester City, given their historical standing. Given United have the money to back him, and a decent squad for him to build upon, United fans should pray this happens.

Louis van Gaal, Manchester United's doomed manager, possibly, told his players they have to win games against Leicester City, and in the same session criticised Paddy McNair for playing like a striker. So they have to win, but they're not allowed to attack. Got it, Louis. Do let the door hit you on the way out. That's in the Mirror.

Wayne Rooney was subbed by United with 20 minutes to go last night, and while there was a slight improvement in having 11 players capable of controlling the ball and running, they still struggled given they've been told not to attack or do anything fun. In the Mail, it says Robert Huth kicked Rooney, which was the reason for his substitution, not because he was awful.

And on ESPNFC, there's a rumour that Cristiano Ronaldo might join Manchester United, preferring PSG, which would certainly make things very exciting. Imagine the right-back that Van Gaal could make of Ronaldo!

Lastly, in the Manchester Evening News, Van Gaal explained the move to 3-5-2, but oddly didn't say, 'It's because I'm useless. Sack me.'