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Player ratings: Leicester City 1-1 Manchester United

We rated each of Manchester United's players, including Wayne Rooney, Memphis and Bastian Schweinsteiger, for their efforts against Leicester City in their Premier League match.

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

David de Gea 5

De Gea made an error for the goal. While he came out quickly to close down Jamie Vardy when it appeared that Matteo Darmian and Ashley Young were at fault, he failed to spread himself wide, allowing Vardy an oddly large area to De Gea's right to finish.

Chris Smalling 7

Smalling played as well as he usually does. No mistakes, a few important intervention and wasn't beaten in the air on any significant occasion. Three at the back didn't hamper United when they were sitting deep against Leicester, even if it was partly the reason for an exposed wide channel for the goal - even that came from a break from a corner rather than inherent problems with 3-5-2.

Daley Blind 7

See above. His corners were far better than Juan Mata or Wayne Rooney's efforts this season, so that's one slight improvement we can look forward to Louis van Gaal ignoring in the next match, when presumably Matteo Darmian will take over.

Paddy McNair 7

McNair was criticised by Van Gaal for leaving his position and joining the attack, but that's damning of Van Gaal, not McNair. Tactical indiscipline can rarely be praised, but when United had so much of the ball, so high up the pitch, McNair's initiative to leave Leicester's single striker to the two other central defenders, and adding bodies on the right, was correct and intelligent.

Matteo Darmian 5

He let himself and the team down on Leicester City's counter attack for Vardy's goal, but otherwise was a reliable defender. The problem with him being at wing-back is that he is a thunderously crap crosser of the ball, and his presence in attack did more harm than good with the chances he wasted.

Ashley Young 6

Another wing-back who failed to track Vardy properly, he was more of an attacking threat on the left, and his cross brought the corner for the equaliser. With little movement inside him, he had little to work with, and isn't good enough to win matches by himself.

Bastian Schweinsteiger 7

An effective, calm presence, it makes no sense to have him and another defensive midfielder alongside him when United need help in attack much more than they do in defence. His close control and sensible passing helps United dominate possession, but with nothing going on in attack, he had little to work with, just as Young found.

Michael Carrick 4

Was he on the pitch then?

Juan Mata 6

Did little wrong, but his attacking threat has faded as the season has progressed. It's hard to blame him when Van Gaal's instructions are so ludicrously conservative, and it's a shame to see that United might not ever see his full talents. You can legitimately argue a man of his ability should do more nevertheless, but that's not the fundamental problem, clearly.

Anthony Martial 6

A lively presence willing to take men on, he had Rooney alongside him to do nothing in return. For God's sake, let's pray he doesn't look to Rooney for inspiration or education. We are close to ruining him, only months into his career at United.

Wayne Rooney 3

He dived, he fell over, he headed the ball into the ground with his face, he got kicked, he went off and United improved.


Memphis 6

He had 22 minutes, and showed some attacking impetus and a willingness to dribble and shoot. Six-week fine from Van Gaal coming up, then.