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Player ratings: Manchester United 1-0 CSKA Moscow

All the player ratings from Manchester United 1-0 CSKA Moscow in the Champions League, where Wayne Rooney scored the winner.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

David de Gea 7

He didn't have anything to do, until the moment with 10 minutes left when he had to do the most important thing all game. His smart block wasn't exceptional - for him. For most other 'keepers it would have been an excellent and vital interception. It was merely just a man doing his job when it was De Gea.

Ashley Young 0 (7 if you ignore the dive)

An absolutely shameful dive in the penalty spot means that he remains a disgrace to the club, but apart from that he did well. Reasonable positioning, useful crossing for a right-back, and a commitment to provide cover in defence and help in attack. His sliding block along with Chris Smalling after the De Gea save showed just how hard he worked all match.

Chris Smalling 7

Saved United along with De Gea when Doumbia was through on goal. He was excellent throughout the game, making early interventions when necessary and marshalling the defence. If he can do this against better teams consistently, he'll be worth keeping around.

Daley Blind 7

At times it was like having an extra midfielder for Manchester United. There was rarely any attacking ambition from CSKA, and it helped. His passes from deep, in particular one for a Juan Mata run behind the defence, gave United a variety of attack in the first half that they have hardly ever done before this season. It's proof that United don't need two deep-lying midfielders against poor teams like this.

Marcos Rojo 6

Like Jesse Lingard ahead of him, he was full of pace, willing and attacking intent, with inconsistent quality. Much improved over his performance in the away fixture, but he was afforded space and time. He did, however, miss two good chances.

Bastian Schweinsteiger 6

He sprinted! He sprinted! Typically very good without ever making a great intervention when it came to goals. Not much more could have been asked of him.

Michael Carrick 6

The lack of ambition from CSKA meant that having two old bangers in the middle wasn't so much of a problem. There was no defensive risk. It was his pass to Lingard that set up the goal, and it was an excellent pass indeed. However, it didn't need both Carrick and Schweinsteiger from the start, and without one of them, the breakthrough would likely have come earlier.

Jesse Lingard 7

Lots of running, lots of running at speed. Lots of bad passes, lots of bad shots. But at least he did something and stretched play on the left wing. He's 22, so he might not improve sufficiently over this to ever earn a first-team spot, but his qualities are essential in the squad - and possibly the first eleven - as it is now. He did, after all, manage to finally put a pass on target for the goal.

Juan Mata 6

A clever run for a Blind pass - not the first time he's done that this season - and an excellent piece of footwork to set up Rooney with an open goal. It wasn't his fault it was wasted. Subbed later in the game, as is the habit, but he didn't deserve it as much as others.

Anthony Martial 6

At times he was central and at the top of the team, and his strength and pace was obvious. He was a handful for the CSKA defence, and continues to show why he should be chosen in the striker's position. As it is, he took his substitution for Marouane Fellaini with the grace of a man not yet confident enough to kick his manager's head in.

Wayne Rooney 5

Two good passes early on. Then went back to his old self for sixty minutes, and then missed one of the easiest chances of his career, just three yards out. He turned up for the winner, and managed not to miss it. Much more to do, but far less depressing a performance from Rooney. He was his standard poor self, rather than the exceptionally rotten one we were used to more recently.


Marouane Fellaini 6

Yep, he was there.

Memphis 6

Didn't do much, but that's better than doing a lot wrong, as he had been doing previously.

Ander Herrera 6

He was there too.