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Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal identifies transfer requirements

Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal identifies transfer requirements

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Louis van Gaal has said that Jesse Lingard is currently playing on the wings because the squad is lacking pace. Now, given Ed Woodward blew the chance to sign Pedro, let's just consider that United have turned to a 22-year-old with relatively little experience to adjust the tactics suitably. Van Gaal is clearly gearing up to add more to the squad in the winter, pointing out the deficiencies in the squad. He has - at best - this winter transfer window to get the squad he wants more or less settled. After that, the blame must shift to him for failing to deal with the board as is required. That's in the Mirror.

Luke Shaw continues his recovery. United have dealt with his absence fairly well as Marcos Rojo appears to be a suitable replacement for the moment, but they miss his speed on the wing, and the fact that he should become better at attacking, whereas Rojo has relatively little potential left to fulfil. You can read about his rehab in the Manchester Evening News.

In the Telegraph, Van Gaal has asked to be booed rather than his players. That's fair enough. He's running out of time as the summer approaches, when several other managers might be looking to move on. This is Van Gaal's final job, he says, so he might be counting on the last year's money.

On ESPNFC, there's a blog which correctly states that Memphis needs time at United, not impatience. It's been very odd to see so many get on his back after only a few starts. It's undeniable that he's been disappointing, but if a young player from the Dutch league can't be given a season to adjust - and perhaps even more than that - then we might as well all go home.