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Cristiano Ronaldo may turn down Manchester United move in favour of PSG or MLS

Cristiano Ronaldo may move to Paris Saint-Germain or America as he considers a return to Manchester United from Real Mardrid.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

There's a story in ESPNFC that although Cristiano Ronaldo enjoyed his time at Manchester United, he has other potential plans. First PSG, where the rumours grow that he is headed next, and then to MLS. Both would give him a sizeable increase in his bank balance, and if he moves from France then to America, the weekly physical demands will decrease as he ages. Depending on how fit he feels, that might be a decisive factor.

In the Mirror, there's the news that Adnan Januzaj might be brought back from his loan to Borussia Dortmund, either if there's an option to do so in the contract, or if a new option can be established. Januzaj is barely playing in Germany, and United's wingers and number 10 (when it's Wayne Rooney) haven't been hugely impressive, so a new player in January might be worth a go. If Januzaj wants to make a go of it, he has the talent. If he wants to dive, fall over and play slowly as he did when he was at Old Trafford more recently, there's no point.

The Observer has an article on the the Class of 92 and Salford City, which is what we are calling the Chelsea of the Lancashire lower leagues. It might become less irritating as the disparate nature of resources becomes less pronounced, but for now there's little interest in what's achieved with relative riches.

And in the Manchester Evening News it seems that Luke Shaw's recovery is going well. If he can get fit before the end of the season, and build himself up at Euro 2016, he could be ready to start as if nothing happened by the start of the 2016/17, when United will obviously be reigning champions of England and Europe. Or something.