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Louis van Gaal wants new players to speed up Manchester United

Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal wants news players to speed up his side after complaining they need more pace on the wings.

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Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Louis van Gaal is, according to an article in the Guardian, looking to add players to the squad in the winter if it is possible. He wants a left-back to cover for Luke Shaw's absence and potentially some fast, attacking and creative players. Despite winning against West Brom, it was clear that United are too slow to trouble the best sides.

In the Telegraph, Van Gaal had words of praise for Jesse Lingard, a player who has improved the slack attacking play since his introduction, but said that he expected more consistency before he could be considered for the England squad. It is worth remembering that Lingard often looks better than he really is against the backdrop of United, who although slow have a solid base in midfield and defence. England don't have that.

And on ESPNFC, Van Gaal says that Juan Mata is not speedy enough. He wasn't taking him to the cleaners or anything, but it's a bit rich to pick him out for criticism when the lumbering oaf Wayne Rooney is there ruining everything, and at least Mata scores and creates throughout the season.

In the Manchester Evening News, there's a story that Marouane Fellaini will miss international duty in order to recover from a minor injury. It would be handy if a few other players had to miss their games with 'injury', too.