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Manchester United fan polls want Louis van Gaal sacked

Manchester United fans overwhelming vote for Louis van Gaal to be sacked before he enters the last year of his contract.

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Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

Daniel Taylor in the Guardian ably lays out just how rubbish and possibly hopeless Manchester United are, including a couple of polls from Red Issue and United We Stand which show that very, very few people want him to stay longer than the summer.

In the Telegraph, Sam Wallace has some words for Nick Powell, who failed to give a brief exchange with the press, alongside the rest of his team-mates, after the game. And as we all know, failing to speak to the press is perhaps the single most appalling crime in the world, and a guaranteed way to court criticism. Anyway, he wasn't very good, but perhaps he can still save his career.

On ESPNFC, Gabriele Marcotti has said that United need to stop the excuses. Which is kind of true, given Louis van Gaal and some of the players really have had enough time, but this comes at the time when more than half the side is out injured, so there's actually a mitigating factor for once.

In the Mirror, the Mousa Dembele - Fulham, not Spurs - rumours persist. One for the manager after next, presumably.

And lastly, in the Daily Mail, there's a run-down of Roy Keane's criticisms of Manchester United, who must be as tired of being right as I am.