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Louis van Gaal tells Manchester United fans that he knows better, Wayne Rooney could leave for China

Louis van Gaal has told Manchester United fans that they have no right to win trophies, missing the point completely. Wayne Rooney has been offered £75 million to move to China.

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Louis van Gaal is on his way out, after he told Manchester United fans that they have no right to trophies. He misses to point entirely, which that in a league that even Liverpool stand a chance of winning, only slightly improved performances would be enough to walk to the Premier League. Given the startling lack of ambition he has showed, it won't happen under him. So in a way he's correct, United will win fewer things, it's just that it's mainly his fault that's the case this season. You can read about that in the Guardian.

In the Telegraph, Jim White has talked to fans about how effed off they are with the rubbish being served up by Van Gaal. They are very effed off.

Team news, on ESPNFC, is that Wayne Rooney is once again injured for Manchester United ahead of their game against Bournemouth, where the side is ****ed by injuries elsewhere too. Please keep in mind in the comments section that Rooney is definitely injured, and suggestions elsewhere could lead to a letter from the lawyers, so it isn't worth it.

In the Mirror, Rooney has been offered £75 million to do one to China, it says. If he continues to have his current injury, then a change of circumstances may do him good.

In the Daily Mail, Rafael remains excellent.