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Player Ratings: Bournemouth 2-1 Manchester United

Marks out of 10 for all the Manchester United side who lost 2-1 to Bournemouth in the Premier League

Steve Bardens/Getty Images

David de Gea 5

He was beaten by the wind, which is slightly embarrassing, and for the second goal he was again beaten by a shot which was relatively close to him. Having said that, the second goal was well struck and the first was slightly freakish, but nevertheless it was one of his worst performances this season.

Guillermo Varela 6

He needs to get on the steak and eggs, as his slight frame looks weird in the Premier League, and won't help in matches like this. He needs to work on his positioning, passing and crossing, but is worth persisting with and giving a chance to improve.

Cameron Borthwick-Jackson 6

Another full-back who needs to fill out and work on his attacking contribution, but he's still a child. Given the lack of leadership around him, a more impressive performance would have been a surprise. But he didn't look out of his depth, unlike...

Paddy McNair 4

Who has yet to improve from his first displays for United last season. Used sparingly, from a position of strength, he's a handy player to have in the first-team squad. Aside from that, he should be used in times of crisis, as he was at the weekend. He's weak and unable to dominate in the air, which is really what you want. He also can't track runs, or tackle at vital moments.

Daley Blind 4

He let Joshua King run free for the second Bournemouth goal, and was shoved away easily in the process. We all know that he's too weak to be relied upon, so he fitted in well in that back four.

Michael Carrick 5

Always slow, he's now possibly slowest. His attacking efforts of playing the ball into feet around the box might work with better players, rather than a United team that now seems incapable of holding onto the ball.

Marouane Fellaini 6

An odd performance. His goal was a farce, scored as he fell to the ground and collapsed to his knees. Thereafter, he was United's most dangerous player, but was withdrawn for Nick Powell. It was a mistake, obviously, but it shouldn't be missed that Fellaini's finishing is usually poor, and was again against Bournemouth. Give him a goal to aim at, and more often than not he'll boot it wide or at a defender. There was little other option to pick him given the injuries, but he really is bad at football.

Jesse Lingard 6

Injured. Sake.

Memphis 6

Another one who needs to improve his passing, thinking and strength. With such a belligerent, decisive manager (even if the decisions are usually now the wrong ones), it's odd to see how timid and feckless the side he puts out are. Memphis was a dangerous presence when he aimed his runs in behind the full-back, but you'll imagine Louis van Gaal will tell him to stop that, and start passing sideways more.

Juan Mata 4

One of his worst games for United. Against Wolfsburg he shouldn't have been taken off, but in this match he really should have been. Yes, he's adrift in a team of rot and youngsters right now, but he's old enough to start having a positive impact despite that. Mata needs to have a side built around him, or be used in conjunction with Ander Herrera. Otherwise, it's time for him to be moved on by whoever is managing in 2016.

Anthony Martial 5

He went close on a couple of occasions, but his nerveless finishing has changed. He doesn't seem panicked when he's shooting, he's just shooting in the wrong direction. Maybe he could ask a senior striker for advice. Oh, yeah.


Andreas Pereira 6

Pereira replaced Lingard after his injury, and his wish to make an impression resulted in a wild, scissor tackle that could have been rewarded with a red card, but he was fortunate to be so late that it barely touched his target. His passing was sometimes wayward, but he was a notably energetic presence.

Nick Powell 3

Van Gaal out.

Phil Jones 5

He replaced McNair because of cramp in the last few minutes, and was essentially meat in the room.