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Carlo Ancelotti or Pep Guardiola rumoured to replace Louis van Gaal at Manchester United

Carlo Ancelotti and Bayern Munich boss Pep Guardiola are the latest managers to be linked to replacing Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal.

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In the Guardian, there's a video of Louis van Gaal saying that defeat to Bournemouth is unacceptable. Indeed it is, Louis. So is making absurd substitutions, alienating countless players and boring everyone to death. Don't let the door hit you on the way out, then.

On ESPNFC, there's quotes from Manchester United's former defender, Rio Ferdinand, who said that United are going backwards under Van Gaal. It's entirely correct, but it's also true they've been going backwards, more or less, since they sold Cristiano Ronaldo, for which Alex Ferguson and the Glazers are largely to blame for. Be angry with Van Gaal, but don't let Ferguson off the hook for welcoming the rapacious scumbags into the club.

In the Telegraph, they've pointed out, justifiably, that United are terrible and clueless despite spending a quarter of a billion pounds, which is some achievements.

The Mirror have a story suggesting that United are looking to make changes, by booting out Van Gaal and replacing him with Carlo Ancelotti. Ronaldo would return to Old Trafford at the same time. Sounds good, let's do it. Either that or just keep giving Van Gaal support and money, up to you.

And lastly, in the Manchester Evening News, there's reports that Ancelotti isn't the only manager being considered. There are growing rumours that United are trying their hand at signing Pep Guardiola, who still seems more likely to join Manchester City.