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Even Jamie Redknapp is having a go at Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal

One of the world's worst pundits, Jamie Redknapp, is now criticising Louis van Gaal for his work at Manchester United.

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It's bad enough when you lose the fans. It's as bad, possibly worse, when you lose the players. So far, it seems that Van Gaal has definitely lost the former, and almost certainly lost the latter. But now, what an insult to the man, he has lost the belief of absolutely testes like Steve Claridge and Jamie Redknapp. Can a man fall further than that? Read about their comments in the Telegraph.

In the Mirror, there's some news about United's match against Midtjylland in Denmark. United will only get 600 tickets for the away game, because the stadium only holds 10,000 people. Additionally, United have confirmed that they'll reduce the cost of tickets for the Europa League games, because nobody is interested.

On ESPNFC, there's some words from Midtjylland about wanting a miracle about United, misunderstanding just how bad United are right now. You don't need a miracle, you need maybe 10 players. Possibly nine.

In the Daily Mail, Adrian Durham - Adrian Durham! -  has identified one of the root causes for Manchester United's failures: Alex Ferguson's nothing legacy.

Nick Powell scored some goals.