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Manchester United linked with Romelu Lukaku and Luis Suarez as players revolt against Louis van Gaal

Manchester United players have revolted against Louis van Gaal, who have been linked with transfers for Romelu Lukaku and Barcelona's Luis Suarez.

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Some total nonsense in the Telegraph's transfer round-up, linking Luis Suarez to Manchester United. The only interesting thing about this is, if he did join United, how many of the fans would retrospectively take his side against Patrice Evra.

In the Daily Mail, there's a story that Louis van Gaal has relented and given Manchester United's players two days off. While they might need the rest after a busy run of games, it can't be overstated how much happier they probably are when they don't have to see their manager and go through his reportedly awful training approach.

As it says on ESPNFC with Andy Mitten's article, the players and staff have lost interest in him. He's going to go, it's just a question of when, really. The sooner the better, as even the dubious Ryan Giggs couldn't be worse for the rest of the season.

The Mirror has more on this, with reports of two senior players speaking out against Van Gaal's approach after the Bournemouth match. The stories of dissent are increasingly regular, and there should be no surprise if they become more frequent if things are boring against Norwich at the weekend, regardless of any possible victory.

And in the Manchester Evening News, James Wilson could be recalled if he keeps up his form for Brighton, and Romelu Lukaku of Everton has been linked with a winter move to United. Why would you join a team managed by Van Gaal?