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What does a Norwich fan think of the game against Manchester United?

We spoke to a Norwich City fan, Daniel Brigham, about Manchester United's Premier League game against the Canaries on Saturday

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Who is the most dangerous player in your side?

Robbie Brady. We spent a lot of  money on him - over £7m - but he's been worth it. I can't rememebr if it was you on Daniel Harris - United fans on Twitter sort of merge into one after a while - who tweeted me to say he wasn't very good when Norwich were after him, but he's been excellent [It was me. He really wasn't anything special for Hull City, but he has been much better for Norwich, I admit]. He started the season at full-back, where he plays a bit for Ireland, but has been pushed forward into his more natural position now. He's great on both feet, and is just as happy beating the man on the outside as he is coming inside. Great feet, quick over 10 yards and and has real speed of thought - basically the anti-Rooney. 

Wes Hoolahan and Nathan Redmond also pose threats (although Redmond has been off the boil over the last month) but they rarely both start away from home. Alex Tettey often tackles like Paul Scholes, so he poses a genuine danger of adding to your injury list. 

Would you like to buy Wayne Rooney from us?

Yes, but only if it's a swap-deal with Cameron Jerome.


I have to say I find Rooney's decline really sad. He was just so very good, and so very exciting, for three or four years, but that seems like an awful long time ago. Why has his touch gone to shit? Why has his passing gone to shit? The reason behind most players' declines are pretty easy to pinpoint - injuries, loss of pace, can't be arsed - but it's tough to really work out what's gone wrong with Rooney. It's such an English story. 

I know you'll disagree, but I still think he has it in him to be worthy of a top four side - his natural talent must be buried away somewhere. But it's sadly more likely that he'll be playing in the States within a couple of seasons. Or at Hull. 

Given your recent improvement in form, do you think that Manchester United - currently absolutely awful - will be attacked or do you think Neil will just want a point?

Could you let some of our fans know our form has improved? Some want Alex Neil sacked, the dicks. 

We started the season really well, playing attacking football and creating plenty of chances... and missing those chances. After getting royally headbutted, doubled-up and kicked in the groin on the way down at Newcastle (6-2, if you have to ask), Neil went more defensive and sat back against teams. Fair enough against the likes of Man City and, sort of, Chelsea, but it was depressing watching Norwich grind out a 1-0 win at home over Swansea. However, in our last two home games against Arsenal and Everton we've gone back to Neil's attacking instincts and picked up two excellent draws (shit in the first half of both games, excellent in the second half). 

So I imagine we'll attack United. Neil will want three points - he always wants three points. It's probably dangerous to push up high and take the game to United, so I think we'll follow the Bournemouth blueprint and sit back and look to hit you on the break at every opportunity.  

What's your prediction for the match?

1-1. We're good at 1-1s. Lots of Norwich fans seem to be expecting a positive result, which is pretty dangerous against a side who have conceded only 1 league goal at home all season. But the way United play will suit our strengths, I think - Norwich will keep it narrow, give you the wings and then attack your full-backs. So 1-1, with Jerome missing another sitter to win it.

You can follow Daniel on Twitter here, and visit his excellent Norwich City blog, The Little Yellow Bird Project, here.