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Could Manchester United look to Italy for their next manager?

According to reports in Italy, Manchester United are considering making Massimiliano Allegri their next manager.

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Manchester United could look to Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri for their next manager, according to Italian newspaper La Repubblica via Football Italia. According to the latter, the report "says that the club like his style of play and courage and are already discussing the possibility," though Juve are apparently willing to fight to keep the 48-year-old in Turin.

Of course, United are bound to be discussing contingency plans for if they fail to lure Pep Guardiola. The Bayern boss is subject to interest from all of England's top clubs, and in the event that he opts to go elsewhere, Ed Woodward needs to have a back-up plan ready and waiting. As a successful coach of one of Europe's biggest teams, it's safe to imagine Allegri will at least be considered.

The good: Allegri is a tactical pragmatist, unafraid of changing things up if they're not working (watch and learn, van Gaal). He's won Serie A titles with both AC Milan and Juventus, and led the latter to the Champions League final last season against the odds. He's also an affable character, which is a nice bonus

The bad: Allegri was apparently set to spend some time in England after he was sacked by AC Milan, but we're not sure if that ever actually happened. If not, it's unlikely his command of English is anything like ideal for a United manager. He's also used to being dictated to in the transfer market rather than making his own signings, and if one's being really harsh, it could be argued that he's had difficulty sustaining success over a period of time. But there are certainly mitigating circumstances for his bad spells.

On the whole, Allegri's a very competent coach and an intelligent tactician in the Ancelotti mould. But that raises another question: why not avoid a messy fight with Juve and just hire Ancelotti instead? What do we think, folks?