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Louis van Gaal on the brink of Manchester United sack

Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal seems set for the sack after losing to Norwich City 2-1.

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Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal is worried that he'll be sacked. Well, it seems inevitable, and it seems a lot more likely to come before the end of the season now that they're out of the Champions League and out of the Champions League spaces. You can read about this in the Mirror.

Another story, this one in the Mail, thinks that United are going to act swiftly to bin the useless Van Gaal. There's not much of a spin to be put on stuff like this.

On ESPNFC there's, er, a story that United will soon be forced to remove from Van Gaal as time runs out for the manager. This is all a little bit familiar now.

In the Telegraph, it seems like, erm, Manchester United will soon sack Van Gaal, with Jose Mourinho the obvious candidate to replace him.

And in the Guardian there's... Ah. You know.