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The "Manchester United sack Louis van Gaal" rumours go into overdrive

Despite what you may have read on Twitter, Louis van Gaal is still manager of Manchester United.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Louis van Gaal has been sacked as Manchester United manager, and Jose Mourinho is coming in as his replacement. At least, that's according to Twitter, which is having a more-intense-than-usual attack of the vapours this evening.

It all began with former Manchester City winger and current BBC talking head Trevor Sinclair, who rather charmingly told the world that:

The rumour then multiplied like maggots on rotting meat. The Telegraph's Mark Ogden turned up on Sky to confirm things, while Jorge Mendes' fluffer-in-chief Duncan Castles did likewise on BBC Radio 3. Everything got a bit frantic. Ander Herrera's spirits began to lift. Possibly.

Fortunately for Van Gaal, Radio 3 is a classical music station, Ogden hadn't been on television at all, and Sinclair, the silly fool, had been very careless indeed ...

Stand down, people. Stand down. Louis van Gaal has not been sacked.