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What does a Stoke City fan think of the game against Manchester United?

We spoke to a Stoke City fan, Ann Haydon, about Manchester United's Premier League game against Stoke on Boxing Day

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

How would you say Mark Hughes has improved upon Tony Pulis at Stoke?

He's brought his own players in and bought more style to the Stoke team, and shown very good leadership. The back four are the best we have ever had.

Do you think there's further to go, or have you hit a ceiling given the financial requirements needed to progress in the league?

Definitely further to go - don't underestimate us! Stoke are spending less money but are getting further up the league table. The Chairman Peter Coates is on the rich list, he is a wise investor but I am sure he will be supportive going forward!

Who would you say are your most dangerous players?

Bojan Krkic and Marko Arnautovic.

Is Charlie Adam a terrible human, or the most terrible human?

Neither! He is old school. He is a good lad, he puts 110% into every match.

Would you buy Wayne Rooney from us?

Divided opinion: yes, because he is a striker and we need a goal scorer; no  because he would be too costly and he likes a drama !


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Thank to Team Hunters for giving their views.