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Louis van Gaal has no intention of resigning from Manchester United

Resign? Louis van Gaal? Don't be ridiculous! Manchester United's manager intends to be here for a long time to come.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

The days come and go, and the great big Louis van Gaal weathercock on top of TBB towers swings wildly back and forth in the win. Just days after the newspapers agreed that Louis van Gaal wasn't just thinking about resigning but had actually tried to, only to be forced to carry on by a desperate and idea-less Ed Woodward, we are now told that United's manager has no intention of going anywhere.

That, at least, is what the Sunday Times (£) reckons. Apparently United's manager was in pugnacious form after the game against Chelsea (and if anything warrants pugnacity, it's a goalless draw at home to a team mere points above the relegation zone). Said Van Gaal:

When the players can give such a performance with this lot of pressure then there is not any reason to resign for me. I have a contract, so it is not a question of me staying. It is a question of fulfilling my contract. You have seen that the players are fighting for me.

Apparently his comments regarding resignation were all taken out of context, and he was simply talking in abstract terms about things that could happen. That other people might choose to do. That he might once have chosen to do, but won't do now. So that's that, then. He's going nowhere. For now.