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Gary Neville at Valencia could be part of the Class of 92 plan to take over at Manchester United

Gary Neville's time at Valencia under Peter Lim could be a chance for the Class of 92 and Lim to prepare for a takeover of Manchester United.

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Alex Livesey/Getty Images

David Conn, in the Guardian, has explained the extensive links between the Class of 92 and Peter Lim, and how Gary and Phil Neville came to be the managerial team at Valencia. Now, that would only be of tangential interest to United fans normally, but this can be seen as groundwork for a potential takeover of Manchester United in future.

In the Telegraph, the Nevilles' former boss, Alex Ferguson, has had his say on the matter, opining that Gary Neville can certainly be a success at Valencia.

And in the Mirror, the Edinson Cavani resurfaces to suggest that United fancy a summer transfer move for Cavani. Because United have, of course, enjoyed such a brilliant track record of strikers in the last stages of their career in the last few years.

Right, the end game is fast approaching, with another story of low morale at the club, this time his pre-match dinner routine. It seems like, with this story in the Mail, that the players are getting their excuses and blame in as they expect little to change.

On ESPNFC, Rory Smith has asked why Manchester United fans are unhappy with their side at the moment. The short answer, of course, is that they are rubbish when they don't have to be, and that's incredibly frustrating.