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A West Ham fan's view on the Premier League game against Manchester United

We spoke to Murray Robertson, West Ham United fan, about the weekend's Premier League game against Manchester United.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

How do you think West Ham will play against Manchester United this weekend?

I'm always over-confident, but I think the defensive, possession-based way United have been playing really suits West Ham at the moment and, warranted or not, the narrative of West Ham pulling one over all the big clubs is too juicy not to buy into.

It seems like you've fared better away than at home, and played better the stronger your opponents are. Is that true?

It is true, but only because we're better off the ball, playing counter, than having to build attacks. I think City, Chelsea, and Arsenal underestimated our midfield at the start of the season; having to contain the likes of Payet, Zárate, Kouyaté, and Lanzini surprised them. Also helped that Chelsea came to Upton Park in the midst of Mourinho's meltdown. We've been shown up by clubs like Watford who are happy for us to hold the ball and want to play a counter on us, and those tend to be 'weaker' opponents. I reckon that Bilic can get even more out of West Ham, but we look unhappy having to keep possession and think up lengthy attacks.

Still, taking it to the big teams is a grand feeling.

Aaron Cresswell has been linked with a move to Manchester United, do you think he's good enough to make the step up?

He's good enough to get bought, certainly, but whether he'd get in the United team ahead of Blind or Rojo, I'm not sure. Not on the question of merit, but van Gaal is so inscrutable I can't tell what he wants from a player. Either way, Cresswell has been a revelation at West Ham and I'd hate to see him snapped up.

Would you take Wayne Rooney in your team?



Only if you shave three years off him.

What do you think the score will be?

I'd like to think we could pull off another shock, but on recent form I should probably hedge my bets at a plucky 1-1. Screw it: 2-1 Hammers win with Andy Carroll heading the second in three mins into extra time.

As I said, over-confident. #COYI

You can follow Murray's excellent tweets on @muzrobertson