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Manchester United line up James Rodriguez and Felipe Anderson

Despite Louis van Gaal's awful management, Manchester United are willing to buy him James Rodriguez and Felipe Anderson.

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Denis Doyle/Getty Images

In the Mirror, there's a story that Louis van Gaal might have a job with the Dutch FA as a technical director, should he be sacked by Manchester United. If that's the case, surely Ed Woodward can pull the trigger now. He's not even going to have to take JSA for more than a week at most.

In the Telegraph's transfer round-up, and this is something that has been mentioned elsewhere, James Rodriguez is linked with a move from Real Madrid to United. He's entirely the kind of player United don't need, no matter how obviously good he is. Buy a striker buy a striker buy a striker buy a striker buy a striker.

On ESPNFC, there's a story that United are closing in on Felipe Anderson. He'd add some pace, but there was little problem with the side apart from the useless central defence and the terrible striker we have. The priority must be a real, adult, actual forward who can run and control the ball, otherwise they'll be playing with 10 men if Wayne Rooney remains.

And in the Manchester Evening News, Chris Smalling says the players are playing for Van Gaal, whatever is said. Not that it matters, really, given they're playing terribly for him.