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Paul Ince: Ander Herrera and Marouane Fellaini are not suited to Manchester United

One of Manchester United's better former midfielders doesn't think Ander Herrera or Marouane Fellaini will establish themselves at the club.

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We begin this story with a quick reminder The opinions you are about to read are the opinions of Paul Ince, a man who may have at one time been a very useful, highly talented member of the Manchester United midfield, but who also referred to himself as "the Guv'nor". On more than one occasion. And had the license plate GUV 8 on his car.

That done, let's get to it. Ince doesn't think either Marouane Fellaini or Ander Herrera are good enough for Manchester United's midfield. That news will probably be half a surprise, but here's his reasoning. On Fellaini:

I think he's a very intelligent player but he's at the wrong club. For a player of that ability to come on for the last ten minutes in every game more or less just for long balls ... I think he's better than that and he deserves a chance. It's also a sad indictment of United not creating enough chances when they have to throw on Fellaini and put balls into the box.

As for Ander Herrera:

When they bought Herrera I thought it was a lot of money and when I first saw him he was small and looked quite weak, especially for the Premier League. I watched him play in Spain and he suits the Spanish game but I don't think he suits the Premier League. When he plays he gets forward and gets a couple of goals but Van Gaal has gone for two strong ones sitting in there and it's hard for him to fit into that. I'm not sure he's going to be a regular in a Louis Van Gaal side and although he's a very good player he's just more suited to Spain.

A couple of good points in there, though personally we're of the view that Ander Herrera's issue is less his physical strength, more his manager's staggering inconsistency when it comes to the standards he expects from his players. But hey, what do we know. We're not the Guv'nor, and we're not the ones giving exclusive interviews to 888poker.