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Manchester United keep clueless Louis van Gaal instead of Pep Guardiola

Manchester United have given their backing to Louis van Gaal even if Pep Guardiola becomes available.

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Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

So, it appears that Manchester United's board are as bad as the manager. Who knew? Well, most people should have, at least.

In the Mail, Louis van Gaal claims that he cannot understand why United fans booed off his dreadful side against West Ham, claiming they were the most attacking side. Which is, on balance, true, it just ignores that all the action and attacking took place in the last 20 minutes rather than when it might have been more useful. That is, throughout all of the game.

And United say that they are delighted with Van Gaal, and fully expect him to see out of the contract he has, meaning Pep Guardiola could end up at Manchester City anyway. There are a few possibilities here. Either this is what they really want to happen, in which case they are fools. Second, Guardiola has agreed to join City and United are saving face. And three, that Van Gaal could yet be removed in the summer, and United are sensibly briefing to keep their options open while not making Van Gaal a dead man walking. This is in the Mirror.

Andy Mitten has written about the desperate stuff on show against West Ham, on ESPNFC.

Van Gaal does at least say United cannot win the Champions League, which is in the Telegraph, but it does make you wonder what he says is truth and what is deliberate lies. Imagine if he really believes this and thinks that United are attacking.