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Ed Woodward's contact details published as fans ask for Van Gaal sacking

Manchester United fanzine Red Issue have posted a string of tweets criticising chief executive Ed Woodward.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

The well-connected Manchester United fanzine Red Issue has posted a series of tweets criticising the club's CEO Ed Woodward, including one that apparently discloses his contact details and invites supporters to correct claims that fans are "happy" with the recent management of Louis van Gaal:

Assuming these tweets are true, it's remarkable (yet not all that surprising) quite how out-of-touch Woodward seems to be. Perhaps he didn't hear the chorus of boos that echoed around Old Trafford at the final whistle of their goalless draw with West Ham United -- a game that, by recent standards, could be described as an all-time classic.

Results may be acceptable, but United supporters can rightly expect much better performances and much more excitement for their money. There's also no reason why we should have to choose between one or the other: an unshackled United in which the unquestionable talents of Anthony Martial and Memphis Depay are unleashed would surely be more effective than the painful grind that we're currently witnessing. This is not a personnel issue, it's a tactical one.