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Bastian Schweinsteiger charged with violent conduct

Manchester United's German midfielder has been naughty, and somebody noticed.

Martin Rose/Getty Images

Silly Bastian Schweinsteiger. If you're going to elbow somebody in the face, make sure that the referee sort-of sees you, books you, and in booking you prevents the FA actually giving you a proper punishment. Otherwise, well, this sort of thing happens:

If Schweinsteiger gets a three-match ban, and he probably will, then he'll miss a trip to Bournemouth, a home game against Norwich City, and then an away game against Stoke City. That's not as bad as it could be, but is still going to be extremely inconvenient, particularly if United's injury situation continues to be a situation. Still, a few games off will give him a chance to reflect on Louis van Gaal's recent criticisms, and rest those aged legs a touch.

And, perhaps, to work a little on his directed violence technique. This is basic stuff, Bastian.