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Analysing Manchester United's substitutions against Wolfsburg

Louis van Gaal's time at Manchester United has been marked by some very peculiar substitutions, but last night may have topped them all.

Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

Last night, Manchester United played VfL Wolfsburg in the Champions League. During the course of the game, United's manager Louis van Gaal made the traditional three substitutions. One, the introduction of Cameron-Borthwick Jackson at the expense of Matteo Darmian, was provoked by an injury. Another, Michael Carrick's replacement of Bastian Schweinsteiger, was more-or-less like-for-like.

The third was Nick Powell for Juan Mata.

That's Nick Powell, who hasn't played for Manchester United since they got drilled by MK Dons. That's Juan Mata, who has played a role in all seven of Manchester United's goals this season. That's Nick Powell, who's only just back from a serious injury. That's Juan Mata, who made the opening goal.

Nick Powell for Juan Mata.

Powell for Mata.

Mowell for Pata.

Fowell mor Tapa.

Mataforp Owell.

Wallop for Meat.

Meatloaf Prowl.

Flowerpot Lama.

Woof, Mr Patella.

Me! Pratfall! Woo!

Atam rof Llewop.

Pwll fr Mt.



Of Temporal Law.