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Arsenal FA Cup tie moved to Monday night

Once more unto the weekdays, dear friends, once more ...

Michael Regan/Getty Images

More fun with fixtures, folks! The FA and the BBC have decided, in their infinite wisdom, that United will host Arsenal on the evening of Monday 9 March. Not bad news for the teams themselves, who will get an extra day or so's rest after a round of midweek Premier League fixtures — United are away at Newcastle on the previous Wednesday, while Arsenal visit QPR — but pretty rough luck for the travelling fans.

It also — perhaps interestingly, perhaps not — sets both sides up for something of an oddity. United's games in the cup so far have fallen on Sunday, Friday, Tuesday, Monday and now Monday again, while Arsenal have been all Sundays up until now. So whichever team wins could, if drawn into and victorious in the Sunday semi-final, make the FA Cup final without having played a single game on Saturday.

(Okay, so that might happen all the time. Do we look like we have time to check? We're exceptionally busy people here at tBB Towers. These Kevin Strootman rumours don't write themselves.)