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United have big bid for PSG star rejected

It's deadline day! It's Marquinhos!

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

Manchester United have reportedly made a late swoop for Paris Saint-Germain's young defender Marquinhos, though Le 10 Sport have claimed that the Parisian club have responded with a firm non. This comes a couple of days after they claimed United had opened talks to sign the 20-year-old Brazilian, with their article today suggesting the fee was around the €45 million mark.

Marquinhos is a very good player, and still has more than enough time to grow into one of the best defenders on the planet -- that really isn't an unreasonable figure to pay. But, alas, the last day of the transfer window isn't really conducive to completing this big-money deals -- unless you're David Moyes and desperate to sign Marouane Fellaini, but let's not remind ourselves of those dark days. Marquinhos arriving would have been a lovely Monday morning surprise, but TBB would be surprised if anything came of the interest.

So, as you were ...