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United apparently identify Falcao replacement

Could Robert Lewandowski be heading to Old Trafford?

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Today's silly rumour comes courtesy of the Daily Mail, who aren't usually as bad as their 'Daily [Insert Word Here]' counterparts at completely fabricating football transfer 'gossip'. Or so we thought. However, their slightly perculiar journalist Rob Shepherd has recently written that Robert Lewandowski could be on his way to Old Trafford in the summer, with Bayern Munich's Polish striker having:

"come onto Manchester United’s radar."

If a world class 26-year-old has really only just 'come onto our radar,' then I think we need a new radar.

However, that's not the only problematic part of Shep's piece (or section of a piece halfway down something that starts off talking about Sam Allardyce). He also writes that:

"he hasn't really settled in under Pep Guardiola."

Now, it's true to say that Pep isn't exactly your conventional football manager, and he's also used versatile attackers like Mario Götze and Thomas Müller at times up front over the course of the season. But Lewandowski has still made a total of 30 appearances in all competitions so far this season (that's including 18 Bundesliga starts), and scored 13 goals. If that counts as unsettled, then Radamel Falcao must be crying himself to sleep every night.

So, in short, is Lewandowski coming to United? Probably not. If we are in for a striker, it seems more likely that it'd be a younger, more malleable young forward than a plug-and-play star like Lewa.