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David de Gea close to United extension – reports

Carlo Ancelotti is reportedly happy with his current goalkeeping options. Stop laughing at the back.

Stu Forster/Getty Images

A whole spate of stories came through last night suggestign that David de Gea is close to extending his contract with Manchester United. Various outlets, including a couple of semi-reputable ones like the Mirror and the Daily Mail, write that Carlo Ancelotti has decided he's happy with his rather dodgy current options of Iker Casillas and Keylor Navas, paving the way for de Gea to renew with United.

However, even if de Gea was to sign a new deal at Old Trafford, it probably wouldn't all look completely rosy. A few days ago the Mirror reported that de Gea wanted United to slash their proposed £50 million buyout clause, and move it closer to £25m. That is an insultingly low figure for a player of hs calibre, and one Madrid -- and just about every other big team on the planet -- would surely gobble up in an instant.

But, with United's negotiating position growing ever weaker, they may well be forced into making some big concessions.