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De Gea and Van Gaal "aren't talking" — Spanish reports

"Frank, please inform Louis that I am not speaking with him ..."

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

When you say up, AS say down. When you say tea, AS say coffee. And when most of the rest of the papers say that David de Gea is edging closer to signing a new contract with Manchester United, AS say that he and Louis van Gaal's relationship has totally collapsed, and he will soon be running to the welcoming arms of Real Madrid.

According to the Spanish sportspaper:

it's not Real Madrid's interest in the player that's the number one reason behind De Gea's itchy feet - it's his poor relationship with Van Gaal. The coach hasn't talked to the keeper in months.

You'll recall that a few weeks ago, Van Gaal was asked if David de Gea was, like, amazing, and he responded by saying that he, like, thought that the goalkeeper was just doing, like, his job. AS mention this. They also mention another quote that passed tBB by at the time, following the 3-0 win over Liverpool: "About De Gea, what do you think I'm going to say? He stopped three balls, three I think. Or were there more? Can you think of any more? So it was three. Is that normal or exceptional?"

All talk, of course, and since AS are notably Madrid-inclined we can't rule out any mischief. On the other hand, Van Gaal is renowned for his ability to alienate some footballers (even while, apparently, inspiring others), and so the story doesn't sound all that far-fetched. So we wait and see.