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Blackett extends United contract

In your face, Juventus!

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Tyler Blackett has extended his contract with Manchester United. The young defender, who debuted this season and has made ten appearances on total, has signed on for another two years, until 2017, with an option to extend the deal for another year.

Louis van Gaal has been talking to, and is very enthusiastic about his prospects ...

I am delighted that Tyler has signed a new contract ... Tyler has great potential and I believe he is at the right club to continue his development and progression to become a great defender.

... while Blackett himself is, understandably, quite pleased:

I'm thrilled to have signed my new contract. I have supported United all my life and have been here since I was eight years old ... I want to keep improving within the first-team squad with the help of the manager, coaches and the players around me.

A two year deal probably means that Blackett hasn't quite done well enough to secure his long-term future, but equally hasn't done badly enough to warrant jettisoning at the first opportunity. A wait and see deal, in effect. Which seems fair enough to us.