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Moyes: United's players were too fat for chips

Somebody, somewhere, is going to call this "chipgate", aren't they?

Denis Doyle/Getty Images

You might recall that last season, as the post-Moyes fallout fell out, there was a brief kerfuffle about chips, and the lack of same. Apparently United's players were in the habit of getting together for a few the night before a game (low-fat ones, of course), and Moyes' decision to end this tradition demonstrated that he simply wasn't up for the job, that he didn't understand top flight management, that he really hated Rio Ferdinand.

Well, he's had his say. In a Q&A with FourFourTwo, Real Sociedad's mister has explained his decision, and it turns out he wasn't trying to alienate the squad after all. No, he was worried:

Yes, I did ban chips. It was because a couple of players were overweight and I didn't think chips were good for their diet.

You can, of course, reach you own conclusions on which players Moyes was worried about. Still, it's all very well banning chips before the game. If he'd banned them during the game, then Danny Welbeck might have scored past Manuel Neuer, and who knows where we'd be now?