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5 great things about United's reserve team lineup

Because sometimes teamsheets are worth reading.

Clive Mason/Getty Images

The Manchester United reserve team is in action against Tottenham Hotspur this evening, and many journalists have taken to Twitter to bring us a photograph of the teamsheet (as is de rigueur among the press pack these days -- how else are we supposed to know they're Fully Accredited Professionals?).

Jokes aside, sometimes these teamsheet photographs are actually worth looking at, and especially United's reserves' tonight. Take a look at this:

We've come up with five particularly enjoyable things:

1. Radamel Falcao is playing for Manchester United's reserves. That's Radamel 'El Tigre' Falcao. Radamel '£265,000 per week' Falcao. Radamel 'one of the greatest strikers on the planet' Falcao. Cue awkward Preston North End substition-style squint. He certainly didn't join United for this.

2. United's STUNNING deadline day signing Andy Kellett isn't managing to keep Rafael out of the team! More to the point, RAFAEL'S ALIVE!

3. United have a defender called Donald Love. "The name's Love. Donald Love."

4. We just discovered Andreas 'Paul Pogba' Pereira's real middle name is Hoelgebaum.

And a bonus Tottenham Hotspur fact ...

5. England's four-cap wonder Ugo Ehiogu is their manager! Hands up if you forgot he existed ...