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Falcao "resigned" to leaving United — reports

Somebody give the tiger a hug ...

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Hold tight, friends. We're off to the wonderful world of "sources close to". Hoist your most sceptical eyebrow. Pop on your most furrowed brow.

According to the Daily Mail — yep, that's right, stroke your chin — "sources close to" Radamel Falcao have revealed that the striker is "resigned to his stay at Old Trafford being short-lived [and] is now convinced [he] simply joined the wrong club last summer." Apparently, the moment he was called up (or rather, down) for the U21 side in midweek was the moment that realised that "his dream of a long-term deal at United is over."

Normally we'd ignore such nonsense, but this is worth highlighting for a couple of reasons. One, it's got a proper name attached to it: while most of the Mail's sketchier stuff appears under the name of SPORTSMAIL REPORTER, or similar, Ian Ladyman is a fairly well-respected hack. And two: it just makes sense. Four goals, few starts, and now a run out with the kids? It doesn't bode well.