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Juan Mata is better than David de Gea's girlfriend

The playmaking wizard has some tips for anyone touristing in Manchester.

Clive Mason/Getty Images

Last week David de Gea's girlfriend Edurne García didn't exactly endear herself to United fans by agreeing on Spanish TV that Manchester was "uglier than the back of a fridge," but United's resident culture vulture and blogger-in-chief Juan Mata has been reaffirming his cool credentials with some tourist recommendations in his most recent weekly post.

In it, the Spanish playmaker writes:

"I would like to recommend to those who come to Manchester a visit to the Whitworth Art Gallery. I went there a few days ago and I was really surprised by some of Cai Guo-Qiang's works and his drawing technique using gunpowder. Overall, this is a very interesting and well-designed museum."

So there we are. Mata isn't only up to speed on his magical realism, but his contemporary art too. We're only wondering if he's available to take Edurne García on a guided tour around these parts -- perhaps it'll change her rather grim perspective.