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Injuries still an issue ahead of Everton clash

Manchester United's players are proving frustratingly slow to heal.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

It's Friday afternoon, and that means one thing: Louis van Gaal has been sitting in front of journalists and asking questions. Questions like "are you having a good day?" and "where did I leave my keys?" and "do you have any injury concerns ahead of this Sunday's game against Everton?"

He ignored the first two, but the assembled hackpack pressed him on the third issue, and he reluctantly 'fessed up:

Not great news there. Jonny Evans is back from suspension, though Paddy McNair did well against Chelsea and may keep his place in defence. Presumably Luke Shaw will continue at left back, and Blind, if fit, will drop into midfield. If unfit, then we can presumably look forward to another chapter in the continuing, confounding Wayne Rooney Midfield Experiment. And that, in turn, means either Falcao or Robin van Persie up ... hang on. What?


Rafael ...


... no, sorry. I ... I just can't ...

Sorry. We'll come back to this ... later. I just ... I just need a minute.