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Are these Manchester United's new kits?

Rumoured designs for Adidas' away and third shirts have been published online.

The time of year when hundreds new kits are photoshopped and published online as 'leaks' has returned, though every now and again one of them turns out to be right. The website Footy Headlines (the reliability of which TBB is unsure) has posted images of an Adidas away and third shirt, purportedly to be worn by the players next season:

Now, they could well be genuine, but be wary: it does seem a little strange that they've managed to get an actual photograph of the white shirt, while the black one only seems to be a computer mock-up. Nevertheless, they do go pretty detailed in the descriptions, and most tantalisingly write:

Footy Headlines understands that Adidas will combine the new Manchester United 15-16 Third Kit with striking board shorts, which will be 'anything but boring'.

'[S]triking board shorts' ?!?!?

Anyway, I hand over to you, the people of TBB: do you think these are real, and if so, what do you make of them?