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Player ratings: Crystal Palace 1-2 Manchester United

After a goon-inducing win against Crystal Palace for Manchester United, the evaluation. Basically, lots of the players aren't good enough for next season, but they keep being good enough to win.

"I'm a massive fan of Full Time Devils."
"I'm a massive fan of Full Time Devils."
Ian Walton/Getty Images

David De Gea

Made a brilliant save from Glenn Murray to rescue United. There was little he could have done for the free kick from Jason Puncheon, because it was so well placed. He pulled off a succession of saves to keep United either level or ahead. He's excellent, basically. 8/10

Antonio Valencia

The poor bloke can't do it anymore. There were times when he had time and space to cross, players in the box ready for him, and he just could not bring himself to send the ball into the box, instead laying the ball off to a player two yards away, and sacrificing the advantage. His refusal to cross with his left foot just looks absurd. Only two games left, you'd hope. Defensively, not much to complain about. 5/10

Luke Shaw

Managed well enough against the in-form Yannick Bolasie. Until, that is, he got a stray elbow in the face and couldn't continue beyond about half an hour of the first half. It's unlucky that he's injured yet again, but getting bashed in the head is unlikely to keep him out for long, and doesn't indicate some muscular weakness. 6/10

Chris Smalling

Not his worst game - those woeful periods of confidence-free flailing - nor his best. He was set up to lose the ball by Jonny Evans' hospital pass in the second half, and didn't command the box when Palace were hurling in a succession of high balls into the box. All this is clearly mitigated by having Phil Jones and then Evans by his side. 6/10

Phil Jones

A welcome improvement upon Paddy McNair, he was forced to move to left-back, and to deal with the threats of Bolasie and Wilfried Zaha, and given that, he coped admirably if not impressively. If he's still first choice next season, though, panic. 6/10

Daley Blind

Good Lord, he is slow. It was still much better to have him in the deepest part of the pitch than Ander Herrera, and it allows Wayne Rooney to play up front and not clog up the midfield. However, standing in a wall in a free kick with your arm in front of your eyes, then ducking when the ball comes at your face, is terrible. He'll be fine when the rest of the midfield improves or as a stand-in left back, but next season he shouldn't be in the first XI. 5/10

Ander Herrera

Not his finest Manchester United performance, he seemed to play slightly deeper than he has when launching counterattacks down the right wing in previous matches. The relationship with Juan Mata has faded of late, but he contributed energy and mobility when United were defending. 6/10

Marouane Fellaini

Abysmal on the pitch for almost all of the game. His height was useful to defend crosses, but otherwise his passing was noticeably wonky and his physicality caused as many problems for the referee as it did for the opposition. But another goal to rescue or win a game. While the rest of the side is this bad, his contributions in this respect are essential. Hope they, and he, are no longer required next season. 6/10

Juan Mata

Ah, Juan. To score that penalty under such pressure after Rooney and Robin van Persie have recently been utter toilet at them betrays a sturdiness that matches his winning his place back in the first team. Again, he was let down by a lack of movement to his left and ahead of him, and to his right Valencia is a completely pointless option. 6/10 but thank you for being able to score a penalty

Ashley Young

An improvement upon the last few weeks of staid nothingness. His crosses won the penalty and set up the winner, and he cut in to run dangerously into the box on occasions. Everything you'd want from a winger, and his defensive contribution was fine, too. The problem is he isn't especially good at crossing, passing, defending or shooting, and so we can all be glad Memphis Depay is on his way. 7/10

Wayne Rooney

Got injured early, didn't do much. Not really his fault. 6/10


Radamel Falcao

Another gradual improvement in terms of mobility, and available for crosses which were rarely either accurate or actually delivered. He played some passes on the right wing with his team mates that Rooney would probably have booted into the stands, so there was perhaps more from him than there would have been even from a fit Rooney. 6/10

Jonny Evans

Nervous, and probably knows he's doomed. His pass to Chris Smalling recalled his atrocious display against MK Dons at the start of the season. He's finished at United. 5/10

Paddy McNair

No catastrophe. 6/10