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Manchester United kits leaked, and they look like Bayern Munich strips

A Manchester United fan Twitter account appears to have leaked the Manchester United kits for next year, and they look like Bayern Munich's cast-offs.

"Ah, yeah, that looks like something I used to wear."
"Ah, yeah, that looks like something I used to wear."
Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Manchester United Twitter account @BusbyBulletin appear to have photos of the genuine Manchester United 2015/16 kits.

Some people appear to be interested in this kind of stuff, long after United became anything beyond a money-making concern to bleed dry those unable to let United go, and tourists from abroad obsessed with the club as part of their weird, logo-loving identity.

(Of course, there are foreign Manchester United fans who have a deep and real feeling for United, but it is an undeniably rare thing. There is no doubt, though, that anyone reading on this site, from whichever country they are, are the very finest Manchester United fans in the entire world).

Anyway, they look like a Bayern Munich strips, who Adidas also do the kit for. What a wonderful example of understanding what makes - made, obviously - United special.