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Morning Links: Manchester United linked with Real Madrid's Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo

Gareth Bale is slowly being forced out of Real Madrid, and Cristiano Ronaldo is considering his future this summer. Manchester United are the team lurking for both of them.

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"The food isn't as good in Manchester but the fans are less tedious than ours."
"The food isn't as good in Manchester but the fans are less tedious than ours."
Michael Regan/Getty Images

Good morning. What an evening that was, seeing Patrice Evra, Paul Pogba and Carlos Tevez happy at a team that plays attacking football with tactical nous.

Gareth Bale to Manchester United is almost a done deal. That's according to a Sunday Express journalist speaking to MUTV. The Telegraph have a story here. It would be a surprise if that was the case, given there have been no whispers about talks from other connected journalists, but it's hardly a surprise if United are first in the queue for him should he be available. Elsewhere in gossip, United are apparently hovering for Cristiano Ronaldo. Yep, both of them will do.

To The Mirror, and a more credible rumour than the Ronaldo rumour, if less exciting. Should David de Gea do one to Real Madrid, Victor Valdes will be first choice, but Asmir Begovic will be brought in from Stoke City as a reliable back up. That makes sense, because Hugo Lloris is far too much of a clown to be made first choice.

Sportsbild have said United are closing in on Mats Hummels, but are holding off on Ilkay Gundogan over worries on his fitness. The Mirror has a precis of the story here.

The Guardian has quotes from Radamel Falcao's mum discussing that her son might either stay or go, she doesn't know, God does. Everyone has taken this as her predicting he will leave, but let's be reasonable - if he was going then things would be certain already. That we don't know suggests nothing has been sorted yet. Read here.

Scott Patterson has said that Adnan Januzaj's future should be at Old Trafford. That's on ESPNFC, and you can read here.

As ever, you are free to add to the sum of human knowledge and make progress with the world by discussing these stories in the coments.