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For Manchester United fans, Liverpool's Steven Gerrard was to be mocked and feared

Steven Gerrard played his last game as Liverpool's captain before his move to LA Galaxy in the summer, but Manchester United fans will be amused and consternated by their memories of him.

I wrote about Steven Gerrard from a Manchester United fan's perspective, and I had to admit that he was an excellent player who had inflicted a couple of really miserable moments on the club. You can read the blog here, for Eurosport.

First of all, was the goal in the 4-1 victory as Rafael Benitez's Liverpool pushed United to the wire in one of the most unbearable title chases in recent memory:

Then, there was the goal in the 3-0 victory at Old Trafford last season, when it looked like United were imploding under David Moyes and Brendan Rodgers had found a plan to take Liverpool all the way to the title. Gerrard got his two penalties and kissed the camera. It was obviously unbearable.

But there was the other side, the more memorable one. There was the slip against Chelsea, the tears at Selhurst Park, and latterly the red card against United this season, after little over half a minute. He was hilarious. He was magnificent. Thank you, Steven, for the memories.