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Player ratings: Manchester United 1-1 Arsenal

Ashley Young, Ander Herrera and Marcos Rojo were the standout players for Manchester United against Arsenal, while Tyler Blackett, Robin van Persie and Marouane Fellaini struggled to impress.

A cool Basque man.
A cool Basque man.
Clive Rose/Getty Images

David de Gea

Almost certainly De Gea's last game for Manchester United at Old Trafford, De Gea was assured and clearly confident in his abilities and trusted by those ahead of him. At least his last appearance is a clean sheet, but there's no point being that upset. He's off, time for something new and United will almost certainly be better next season regardless of whether he is still here or not. 6/10

Antonio Valencia

One of his best performances at right-back for United. His attacking play was much improved on last week, with an increased willingness to take on players and cross. They weren't especially successful, but it proved a change to pose a threat down the right wing for the first time in four matches. 6/10

Marcos Rojo

His aggression, speed and positioning show him to be superior to both Smalling and Jones, and Arsenal started dominating once he left for Blackett. His return to fitness also stopped Jonny Evans playing, which will be crucial should Evans remain next season. His direct attacking style suits United, who are prone to faffing and dithering. 7/10

Chris Smalling

As deserving a captain as Wayne Rooney, in that surely somebody else should be given the job. He played perfectly well in defence, but playing against Arsenal when they're in this mood is more a chance to point and laugh at them rather than need to be especially organised. 6/10

Phil Jones

FFS, that desperate stumble ended up being quite effective. He's never getting better though, is he. 6/10

Daley Blind

Didn't disgrace himself, and linked midfield adequately. Let's be honest, Arsenal are terrible aren't they? United have Falcao up front, a terrible back four, and Blind had an easy day defending. Only Blackett's deflection stopped them winning. 6/10

Ander Herrera

An impressive goal, and an effective presence in midfield. His decisive interventions have certainly deserved to be rewarded with further chances next season, partnered by players of greater quality. 7/10

Marouane Fellaini

This joke isn't funny anymore. This joke can't be dealt with by plenty of opponents though, including Arsenal. It's an indictment of modern football that a clumsy, gangly midfielder can cause such awkwardness for his opponents. He failed to win enough crosses today, though, which stopped United converting possession into goals. 5/10

Ashley Young

United's best player, again, and made Hector Bellerin look like the Arsenal defender we all know he is. Give him a striker with presence in the box and he will assist more goals this year than he did last. Not that it matters, though, he's still nowhere near as good as Memphis Depay will be. 7/10

Juan Mata

Given something to work with as he, Herrera and Valencia were given the space to work in by an Arsenal side who had failed to notice that United had struggled in attack when sides sit deep. Should Gareth Bale arrive, moving him inside would get more out of the striker and allow him to break down sides when guile and accurate passing is required. 6/10

Radamel Falcao

He's just not going to make it. He knows he's off. He tries, and it's not good enough to let him improve his fitness next season. There are better options to be bought and developed, like Saido Berahino or Danny Ings. 6/10


Victor Valdes

Unfortunate to concede to a deflected goal, but showed some accurate passing to the right wing when under pressure. If his leg is properly healed and we don't sign Petr Cech, he seems like a perfectly reasonable replacement. 6/10

Tyler Blackett

At 21 there's little reason to think he'll ever be reliable enough in the middle or at left back. He's not mobile enough, he's not alert enough, and there are better alternatives in the transfer market. It's not his fault, but he needs to be kept away from the squad in future, or given a last chance and loaned to another club to prove he can learn, or not. 4/10

Robin van Persie

There's no need for him anymore. 5/10