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Manchester United to battle City for Gareth Bale and Liverpool for Asmir Begovic

Manchester United could be challenged for the signature of Gareth Bale by Manchester City, and Liverpool might also be getting ahead of United in the pursuit of Asmir Begovic of Stoke City.

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Gareth Bale has to choose between Madrid, Manchester, City and United.
Gareth Bale has to choose between Madrid, Manchester, City and United.
Alex Caparros/Getty Images

Another Monday, and another week closer to the sweet release of death. Or, perhaps, the sweet release of the off-season.

In ESPNFC they discuss the Gareth Bale transfer with Gabriel Marcotti and also mention a story in The Sun, that Manchester City are interested in Bale, too. Now, City would have to sell a lot of players to have the Financial Fair Play flexibility to spend such a large amount of money - perhaps £80 million or more - to afford him. More than that, City have more pressing matters to look at in the transfer market: central defence and central midfield, before they need a right winger. That's not to rule it out, merely to point out why it may not be correct.

To The Mirror, and another story about a rival for United in a potential transfer. Liverpool are also interested in Asmir Begovic, who could presumably offer guaranteed starts in a way United could not if Victor Valdes remained.

Mark Ogden in The Telegraph has clearly demonstrated the problem for United and Louis van Gaal over David de Gea: there is little United can do to persuade him to stay, it is the pull of Real rather than any push at United. He likes Manchester and the club, he just might not be able to resist a return.

Also in The Telegraph, Jim White has pointed out that there's still much more work to do with the squad. There are long-standing problems with deadwood, but also there are plenty of signings this season who have not convinced.

The Daily Mail sums up the disagreement between Manchester United and England over plans for Luke Shaw's summer. On the other hand, my summer plans are well set. What a relief.