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Manchester United line up Lazio's £33.6 million Felipe Anderson

Lazio's Felipe Anderson is the latest midfielder to be linked with Manchester United, with a fee of £33.6 million rumoured to be the cost. Elsewhere, there's discussion on who will replace David de Gea out of Asmir Begovic, Hugo Lloris and Petr Cech.

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"No, the Roman salute is just one hand."
"No, the Roman salute is just one hand."
Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

It's a poor haul of news today. So poor, in fact, that Chris Smalling talking will feature twice in the round up. I know, but I don't make the news.

He's your first streak of Chris: Smalling things that Radamel Falcao is improving his fitness and becoming sharper as a result. That's in ESPNFC, where he discusses what he might be able to achieve next year.

Over to The Mirror, now. Manchester United have apparently readied a £33.6 million bid for Felipe Anderson. That from reports in Italy, but I don't read Italian and this is an English language website. Anyway, you can file this story as 'probably rubbish'. If you take a look at that link you can also see Smalling at it again, saying fourth place being barely adequate, which is a good sign.

David de Gea news? There isn't any. Victor Valdes news? There is some. Also in The Mirror, Valdes has told someone who asked him that he was pleased to make his debut for Manchester United. Petr Cech is probably the best alternative to De Gea around who is available, but even in those 20 minutes Valdes impressed with the ball at his feet.

In The Telegraph, there's a handy gallery guide to potential replacements. However, it's set up as a gallery, one of the most truly annoying innovations of a website. Barely any text that takes more clicks and time to negotiate than is really fair. As long as I've a choice, I'm going to be a man of principle and never do a photo gallery for the site. Unless the hits drop and I get desperate. That could happen. Probably by June.

Ian Ladyman knows what's going on at United, and he's also looking at the possible replacements. There's no tedious gallery, but it is the Daily Mail, so you can't have everything.