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What now for Nani, Javier Hernandez and Angelo Henriquez?

Manchester United have four potential first team players out on loan including Luis Nani, but do they have a future at the club?

Martin Rose/Getty Images

Luis Nani

Nani has 11 goals from 30 appearances for Sporting Lisbon, having joined them on loan as part of the deal to secure Marcos Rojo. There were times he was missed this season, when United struggled for creativity on the wings, but his lack of effective decision making would have marked him out as plainly unsuitable for the rigid approach required from Louis van Gaal.

He's had a decent but not spectacular season at Sporting Lisbon, showing nothing to suggest United will be better served by having him around compared to Memphis Depay and Ashley Young on the left, and definitely not if Gareth Bale and Juan Mata are the options on the right wing. It remains to be seen how he can be shifted considering his £100,000 a week contract that runs for years yet. A RARE PLAYER IT IS WORTH PAYING TO GO AWAY

Javier Hernandez

Owner of potentially the most impressive slapped-arse face in football, Hernandez has spent the season out on loan at Real Madrid. He has had a late flourish with the side, scoring in the Champions League against Atletico Madrid and setting up Cristiano Ronaldo against Espanyol on Sunday, having used his impressive pace to beat the defence to a long ball. However, he has been kept out by the desperately one-note Karim Benzema for much of the season.

He has eight goals from 31 appearances, the vast majority as a substitute. He left United because he was sick of being on the bench, and there's nothing in the last three years to suggest he will ever be able to dominate in a Champions League side as a single striker. He'd have been a much better option for United as they chased games than Radamel Falcao or Robin van Persie, but United don't need a malcontent, and he doesn't need United anymore, either. TOO MARDY TO KEEP

Tom Cleverley

Like the rest of the Aston Villa squad, he's been re-energised by the masterful Tim Sherwood. His contract is up and Manchester United have finally started properly investing in their squad. If he wasn't filled with hilarious arrogance about how he would be viewed in Spain, he'd be a handy squad player. His passing cowardice and relatively old age, coupled with Daley Blind's presence, means that when his contract runs down at the end of the season he can shove off with any worries on United's part. HA HA HA. ENJOY EVERTON

Angelo Henriquez

While he was never really a first-team player for United before he left, his goalscoring record for Dinamo Zagreb deserves recognition. He has 29 goals from 36 appearances in Croatia, and while that is mainly because it's the Croatian league, such a record at an age of 21 means that it's too early to write him off. He is likely to be signed permanently by Dinamo, with Juventus also possible interested in then taking him off their hands for a profit, but the player has also said he would consider a return to United. HE'S OBVIOUSLY GETTING SOLD

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