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Louis van Gaal's Manchester United awards speech - five things we learned

Watch Louis van Gaal's end-of-season player awards speech in front of his Manchester United players and staff, including Ryan Giggs. Joe Devine analyses in depth.

Get me an aspirin.
Get me an aspirin.
Clive Rose/Getty Images
Before the speeches start, a charity auction takes place. Clearly nobody but Ryan Giggs has the gall to bid against the boss, and for good reason.

After a delicate starter of the Please Don't Leave Us David De Gea Awards Ceremony the manager takes centre stage for the main event and calls for focus. Either that, or he's calling everyone's attention to the men's room. it honestly could be either.

Despite struggles during his debut season, Van Gaal explains his decision to retain the services of Radamel Falcao beyond May.

After briefly discussing his response to Wayne Rooney's rousing call for a second-place finish, Van Gaal recalls the time that he and Ryan Giggs met a couple of sweet honeys on a memorable away day.

The boss cements his status as inspiring rabble-rouser by reassuring the team that they were 'very close' to further success this season, whilst simultaneously re-addressing his early point about the distance between urinals in the men's room.

This concludes the day's analysis.