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Being: Liverpool second series - watch the exclusive trailer

Watch Brendan Rodgers' brilliant performance as a pseudish David Brent character transposed to the world of football in this short clip.

"No, he's the Welsh you."
"No, he's the Welsh you."
Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

It's impossible to overstate Brendan Rodgers' influence. Not just on Liverpool, not just on football, but the world itself. Philosophy, philanthropy, philology - Rodgers knows it all and has seen it all. He has already seen the future as if it was something that had already come to pass.

You can tell it, in his eyes. He knows exactly what happens on the football pitch is a product of the outstanding work done by his outstanding group of technically outstanding footballers.

We first saw a glimpse of everything he is with the release of the Being: Liverpool series. This series redefined the way in which television and football work together. It was as existentially challenging as Mad Men, but with a more beguiling central character. It had a subtext that will be discussed longer than Twin Peaks. It had brilliantly written, rounded supporting characters. It shamefully did not win a BAFTA or International Emmy.

Therefore, enjoy the trailer for the second series. Recognition is on its way: