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PICTURED: Manchester United sign new goalkeeper

... though don't get too excited.

George Frey/Getty Images

Manchester United have reportedly signed a new goalkeeper (though sadly one who won't be ready to take over from David de Gea right away). 16-year-old Belgian Ilias Moutha-Sebtaoui has reportedly put pen to paper on a three-year deal at Old Trafford, with photos of the former Standard Liège man at the Aon Training Complex published online by Belgian newspaper HLN.

If you follow the link through to the article, you'll see that he's not just being taken around for a tour: there's a picture of him decked out in full training gear. This one looks like a goer.

TBB has seen Moutha-Sebtaoui numerous times in Belgium's youth leag ... okay, no, we've never heard of him in our lives. But I'm sure we speak for us all when we say we hope he's damn good.